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Welcome to Arctic AyurVeda.

Here I can offer you help in dealing with imbalances in body and mind. Common ailments such as stress, problems with the stomach and intestines, pain of various kinds. I do that with the help of health advice and personalized treatments, just for you.

If you feel unsure whether this is something for you, you are welcome to come into the store for a chat.

It´s great that you found your way here, welcome!

Massage stones

My treatments and services.

List of treatments and services I offer as well as explanations of the execution itself and the areas of benefit. Should there be something you were unsure about or want to know more about, feel free to contact me with yours questions. 

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Contact details

Tel. +4670-55404 55 


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Brief about Ayurveda   


Means in Sanskrit "The Doctrine of Life". A multi-thousand-year history, founded in a holistic perspective and Vedic starting points, with roots from India.

Ayurveda's holistic view includes everything from the physical to the psychological, mental and spiritual aspects.

All parts need to be in balance for you to feel really good. In Ayurveda, everything that exists consists of the five elements, space, air, fire, water and earth. These are divided into three main energies, called Doshas, which are called Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Each individual has a unique composition of Doshas, which in turn gives us differences depending on the degree to which they predominate. The body types Vata, Pitta, Kapha are in themselves neither positive nor negative, but they have a positive character in balance and a negative one when they are out of balance. 

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